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  • web design
  • bespoke coding
  • browser compatibility
  • search engine optimisation

Off the peg web design from
Web Impressions

So what is off the peg web design?

Off the peg web design is a term we use to describe websites built with Wordpress and similar content management systems.

By using ready built code in the form of themes and plug ins a website can be built in a few hours.

We at Web Impressions don't believe that a client should pay premium fees for a web site that can be thrown up in an afternoon by an individual without any web design skills.

The ease of setting up such a website is reflected in our pricing. If you want to go alone and do everything yourself, we can setup a Wordpress site with a domain name and 12 months website hosting and personal email for just £50.00. You will of course have to know or learn how to use Wordpress to create your web site. At this price we provide the initial setup, the rest is up to you. Seriously, £50.00 barely covers our costs.

Not quite so "off the peg web design"

Alternatively if you are looking for a solution where Wordpress has already been set up for you with the web site content already created and the website finished, look no further.

Depending on what you want to do, we can set up a web site for which you are reponsible content wise. We will work with you to provide the look and functionality you need and provide some basic tuition on how to maintain and update the site

Again this is an inexpensive option. Unlike some of our competitors we will not try to pass off such designs as a bespoke solution. Pricing for such a web site starts at £180 and this also includes a domain name, website hosting for 12 months and personalised email.

Bespoke web design from
Web Impressions

So what is bespoke web design?

Bespoke web design involves the creation of a hand coded web site with unique and pesonalised content. Bespoke design offers flexibility and efficiency of page loading times not found in CMS (content management systems) like Wordpress and Drupal

With bespoke design we are not constrained by the limits of a CMS system or another persons design, your website will be individual and tailored to your business image.

We are coders, programmers and graphic design artists. We can imagine for you or we can bring your imagination to life in a custom built website. We can work with you on a design or we can simply design a website for your approval.

The pricing of such a web site will reflect the complexity of the code that has to be written to provide the functionality and look you want to achieve. Until we discuss your exact requirements, we really have no idea how much such design will cost.

Website features

Social media integration, embedded video, Paypal or other payment gateway integration, testimonial pages, animated banners, image galleries and slide shows. Whatever is required we can bring it all to life.

A bespoke design without the use of a CMS does require some skill to maintain and update, although simple changes can be made by anyone with a basic knowledge of html and css.

We embrace a challenge so…

If you can imagine it we can probably create it. What's more we will maintain and look after your website for you for as long as you wish.

Rescue and repair

Do you have a broken website?

Perhaps a website where some links are not working? Maybe various images are not showing? Or are there pages which take an eternity to load? Could it be that your website has back-end database issues?

No problem, Our lead coder has worked with various programming languages beyond those used to drive websites and is a skilled database designer.

No limts

Although it is very hard if not impossible to find a professional team who are not only capable in all web technologies but take pride in what they produce and genuinely care for thier clients, they do exist.

You need look no further for proof. It really doesn't matter what the problem is, between us our team has over 60 years experience in IT and IT related technologies.

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